The Neatcast

The Neatcast New Year's Wrap Up

January 01, 2023 Jeremy, Zack, Mike
The Neatcast
The Neatcast New Year's Wrap Up
Show Notes

New Year and unfortunately same us! We need a break so no full episode this week, but here's a short wrap up of this year's last funny, weird, and somewhat terrifying news. And also our New Year's resolutions! Zack is called The Milk Man now! He loves it!

The news we talk about:

Walls that fight back against pee!

Monks find enlightenment...with meth!

Florida Man attacks wife with Christmas tree...

Escape an earthquake by hiding in a bed-coffin!


Capitalism meets baby-making!

Japan's demonic rock kills wildlife! Everything is FINE!

Our favorite charities!
Beacon for Change!
Children's Auction!